Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pulled Pork Recipe Takes Tailgating to New Heights

With new found focus on tailgating at sports events Jake's matched skills with JT (New Jersey) who created a warm and hearty meal just right for tailgaters. This recipe is called JT's Hot & Sweet Pulled Pork.

Follow these easy steps to achieve tailgating greatness.

4-6 lbs of Pork Butt
8 T Brown Sugar
4 T Salt
4 T Black Pepper
4 Cloves of Garlic
1 - 8 Oz Can Of Pineapple Slices
1/2 Cup Jake's Inferno Barbecue Sauce

1. Start by selecting a nice cut of pork butt about 4-6 lbs Trim any excess fat.
Plan on marinating the pork overnight.

2. Prepare the pork with a Rub made from dark brown sugar, salt and pepper.

3. Blend about 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar to 1/2 Tablespoon each of Salt and Pepper.

4. Place the rubbed pork in an air tight zip lock, freezer bag or sealed container.
5. Add 4 cloves of garlic, and half an 8 oz can of pineapple slices (in it's own juice). Reserve half the juice and pineapple saving the remaining for cooking.

Pork may be slow baked in covered pan at 225 degrees or put in crock pot until pork pulls apart easily with a fork.

Prepare pan or crock pot by pouring in the remainder of the pineapples & juice with 1-2 cups of water. Remove the marinated Pork Butt from the marinade and place in the baking pan/crock pot. Discard the marinade.

Cook the Pork Butt until the meat breaks apart at the touch of a fork. Typically you will want to cook the Pork but until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the butt measures 160°F (70°C). The United States Department of Agriculture says that will produce a medium roast, the least well-done it will allow.

And since we're suggesting you cook at around 225 degrees that would mean about 40 to 50 minutes per pound or approximately 4-1/2 hours. Start checking the temperature around 3-1/2 hours in as your cooking unit may cook faster or slower than ours.

Once temperature is checked and the meat is determined to be done Pork will be hot so let cool for 10-15 minutes. Add more brown sugar for even sweeter taste if desired. You're looking for a pleasant sweet pork not a dessert!

At this point you can heat Jake's Inferno bbq sauce and pour over the pulled pork or heat the sauce and keep on the side as a condiment.

We serve ours on a soft bun or roll, such as a potato roll.