Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jake's Family Secret Steak Recipe

Summertime means summer barbecues with steaks, ribs and chops with great salads, desserts and drinks. We have the perfect steak recipe that's easy to make and everyone will enjoy. This is a no hassle recipe that will leave your steaks grilled to perfection. So, pass this along to anyone that doesn't know how to grill steaks or has difficulty with grilling.

2 or more Primo Rib Eye, Porterhouse, or Filet Mignon steaks.
4 Ounces of Jake's Righteous Rub Steak, Rib and Tri-Tip Rub*
1 Barbecue Grill
4 Oz of Olive or Vegetable Oil
2 Oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Caution: This recipe only works with Jake's Righteous Steak, Rib and Tri-Tip rub. Should you use one of those inferior rubs you will definitely be prone to poor results. Do yourself a solid and get Jake's Steak, Rib, and Tri-Tip Rub TODAY.

Always wash your steaks, one never knows who's had their hands on them. Pat steaks dry with paper towel or similar. Prepare the steaks by rolling out 2 long strips of aluminum foil on your counter or cutting board. Place 1 steak at a time on the foil and lightly rub with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both sides. Grilling secret: Adding Olive Oil will not only help hold on the dry rub ingredients but will speed up the muscle fiber breakdown allowing all that Righteous Rub to get deep into the nooks and crannies of the meat.

Once oiled, shake on 1/2 oz per side of Jake's Rightous Steak, Rib and Tri-Tip, Rub Seasonings. Now at this point, The Man would tell you to rub your steaks until the dry rub is deep into the meat. We at Jake's say NO to The Man. Jake's Righteous Steak, Rib, and Tri-Tip Rub is blended with the best natural ingredients so you don't need to do all that rubbing. Save your rubbing for something more deserving, like significant other's shoulders or pork butt or chickens. Once you have completed seasoning the steaks, wrap them in aluminum foil and place in a cool, dry location in refrigerator.

Prepare the Barbecue grill. We at Jake's use charcoal but not to worry this recipe even works with gas. If using Charcoal evenly spread charcoal around the grill about two layers deep. Start charcoal, let burn until all briquettes are ashed white. For both gas and Charcoal grilling the steaks properly will require a preheat temperature of at least 600 to 800 degrees F and keeping it at this temperature for 30 to 45 minutes before putting steaks on.

Oil the grate. An easy way to do this is to take a piece of trimmed fat, hold tightly in a pair of tongs and rub it on the hot grate. Another way is to take a paper towel crumple and hold between your tongs. Pour oil on the paper towel letting it absorb for a minute. Then rub the grates of the grill everywhere you intend to lay the steaks.

Once your grill is ready let your steak(s) reach room temperature before grilling. This is another Jake's secret that some might think is unecessary, but it helps grill your steak more evenly and faster. Trim any excess fat from the steak(s). Any strips of fat should be about 1/4" thick. Also cut through the fat strip about every 1 1/2". When grilling fat shrinks faster than the meat and it can cause your steaks to curl.

Grill. Place each steak directly on the hot portion of the grill for one minute. Turn and grill on the second side for an additional minute. Turn and rotate 45 degrees and grill for half the remaining cooking time. Turn again. If you do this right you will get a nice diamond pattern of grill marks.

Once steaks have reached your desired temperature, remove them and hold on a covered tray/dish for 5 minutes. This allows the steak to stop cooking and will hold in all those natural juices, besides allowing the steak to reach the right temperature for eating.

See our Cooking Tips chart below. This is a pretty good guide to help determine just how long a steak should be cooked to get it to the state you want it. Right ON!

Cooking Tips For Filet Mignon, Strip Steaks and Ribeyes

Thickness:::Doneness :::::::::Grill*::::::::::::::::::::::Pre-Heated Oven Broiler
1 inch:::::::Rare-Medium::::::6 mins-10 mins:::::::::::::10 mins 15 mins
1½ inch:::::Rare-Medium:::::10-12 mins-15-18 mins:::::10 mins 15 mins
2 inches:::::Rare-Medium:::::15 mins-20 mins::::::::::::30 mins 40 mins

* Listed above are total cooking times; obviously these estimates depend on heat of fire. Be sure to designate half of the time for either side.